Reccan Diagnostics

– Providing improved diagnosis in cancer


Reccan Diagnostics develops a biotechnology platform for in vitro diagnostics, providing both earlier and more specific diagnosis, prognosis and prediction of solid cancers. The technology is based on a patented combination of unique protein biomarkers detectable in blood samples. The primary focus area is pancreatic cancer, presently the fourth leading cause of cancer-related death as of today, but if without any substantial breakthrough, it will represent the second cause of death in cancer within a few years. Pancreatic cancer is a disease where early detection substantially might improve the prognosis for the patient, but recent evidence demonstrate that some cancers might early on turn aggressive and metastatic, implying the importance of tumor biology. The diagnostic panel (serum) is currently under validation in a larger cohort of pancreatic cancer patients. Of even more importance is our findings of novel pancreatic cancer tissue biomarkers that signal both diagnosis, prognosis/prediction of outcome, choice of treatment and potentially the development of targeted (personalized) treatment future on. Reccan Diagnostics AB was founded in 2014 based on multidisciplinary research findings in pancreatic cancer diagnostics from Lund University spanning the last 20 years.